• Dangerous Thinking

    Dangerous Thinking

    Writer, Educator, & Designer for Social Change Living on a 35' Sailboat (WayfindersNow.com)

  • Nathan Bowling

    Nathan Bowling

  • iCopyright.com


    Helping content creators and publishers find new ways to value content in a digital world. Licensing, syndication, anti-piracy, copyright protection, and more.

  • Isabela Imrose

    Isabela Imrose

    Software developer, a passionate clean coder, technical writer.

  • Christopher Sopher

    Christopher Sopher

    CEO of @wherebyus, where we make experiential local media in cities. We publish @newtropicmiami in Miami and @theevergrey in Seattle.

  • Sarah Schmalbach

    Sarah Schmalbach

    Leading the Lenfest Local Lab (@lenfestlab) for the Lenfest Institute (@lenfestinst). Philadelphian and former product @GdnMobileLab @usatoday @phillydotcom.

  • nina dotti

    nina dotti

    Independent journalist covering agriculture, public resources, and education. Let's build discourse, topsoil, and engagement.

  • Josh Williams

    Josh Williams

    Journalist and web developer at The New York Times. Adjunct at Columbia University. Father of two wiener dogs. Hearts SF. Tar Heel.

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